TABridge 2012: Session Topics

The 2012 agenda will be clustered around 4 disciplines that span a broad range of knowledge and skills relevant to technology and transparency:

  1. Transparency and Accountability: Considering the state of the field, comparing across sectoral focus areas while also providing foundational context and understanding to those less familiar with the field;
  2. Strategy and Campaigning: Frameworks and approaches for designing and executing successful campaigns to achieve specific outcomes and move toward larger objectives and impact;
  3. Tools, Data and Online Identity: Understanding how and when to apply technology and information assets in campaigning and advocacy efforts, while also considering essential privacy and security aspects of technology-backed work;
  4. Leadership, Business and Sustainability: Best practices and processes for leading and facilitating successful transparency and accountability efforts, including organizational development, business dealings and project management.

Within each of the above areas, a range of sessions will be offered at levels from advanced to introductory, with participants helping to shape both the overall agenda as well as specific session objectives and content, before and during the event.  Participants will be free to navigate the agenda along whatever path suits their interests and needs, and event organizers and facilitators will always be available to help with questions and reflection.

Prospective sessions across the four practice areas described above include the following:

Transparency and Accountability

  • Briefing techies on transparency and accountability
  • Natural resources and transparency (grassroots, global, subnational)
  • Fiscal transparency (budgeting, revenues, public service delivery)
  • What can fiscal and natural resource governance groups learn from one another?
  • What can T&A groups from different regions learn from one another?

Strategy and Campaigning

  • Does your theory of change fit in the average elevator?
  • Strategy design jams and campaign tune-ups
  • Mobilizing citizens: lessons learned from around the world
  • Your audience matrix: matching tools to audiences
  • Learning through feedback loops, testing if you’re on the right track

Tools, Data and Online Identity

  • Mobile survey: Who’s using mobile and how?
  • Open data: producing, publishing and protecting it
  • Turning Info to action: when a map or a data set needs to become advocacy/action.
  • Social media tactics
  • Security and privacy: How do we protect ourselves and our allies?

Leadership, Business and Sustainability

  • Good practices for managing technology projects
  • Mapping capacity: internal readiness and prep for tech projects
  • Donors, donors, donors: stories from grantees about tensions between new grants and core support, other struggles with donor demands
  • Technology hubs: Who do you turn to for support?
  • Build it and they will come? Marketing your tool/cause/campaign

These are subject to change based on participant feedback and ongoing group engagement, as well as specific participant requests.

We invite TABridge participants to tell us what looks most relevant and promising from the list above, and how specific sessions might best serve particular organizational objectives.