TABridge Session 2012: Agenda Overview

Welcome to the TABridge Session. As a participant, you will have a central role in shaping the agenda of this three-day event. Please familiarize yourself with the following framework and topics that will drive our discussions.

Our TABridge Session Agenda and Session Topics have been designed with two primary objectives in mind.

  • To learn through intensive discussions that increase the ability of governance groups and technology groups to use technology for impact in the natural resource governance and budget transparency sectors
  • To establish friendships between NGOs and technology groups that continue beyond the event and lay a foundation for future discussions and collaboration.

The discussion format for the next three days has been designed to be member-driven and to match needs to knowledge for maximum insight and strategic growth.

Sessions will emphasize small-group interaction, creating more opportunities to compare experiences and build networks. We will combine hands-on activities with broader topics to help participants gain a new understanding of both the potential and the practical realities of using new technology for natural resource transparency and accountability.

Your continued help shaping the conversation is especially important because participants have a diverse range of backgrounds and specialties: from technology to policy; from small organizations to international groups; and from established tech strategies to early interest in using digital tools better.

Between the range of participant expertise and the peer-to-peer discussion, we expect each participant will experience the event in a unique way. Groups have been selected to cover an intersection of budget transparency, natural resource governance and technology where we believe the greatest potential lies for continued collaboration.

We look forward to your help creating and refining this conversation over the days to come, and in the weeks and month after the session.

To listen to participants’ feedback to date on our proposed session topics please listen to the recordings below:

  • Agenda Discussion, 19 November: MP3 or WMA
  • Agenda Discussion, 20 November: MP3 or WMA