Our Vision


We seek to maximise the impact and effectiveness of the transparency & accountability movement by helping T/A organisations harness the potential of web and mobile technologies to further their aims.


We seek to connect transparency & accountability organisations with tech groups who can teach them to successfully integrate technology in their work, through a combination of live events, one-to-one mentoring, and online collaborations.


Live events: The first of our live events takes place in New York in November 2011.  Transparency & accountability groups working in the natural resources sector will meet with tech groups to thrash out project ideas, broker relationships and share knowledge.  Additional workshops will follow in 2012 which will focus on different T&A sectors (ie: budget transparency) and/or strategies (ie: direct citizen engagement).

Mentorships: Leading up to the first workshop, we are piloting small mentoring relationships between natural resource governance and technology groups.  These will serve as blueprints for our mentoring scheme.

Learning: We are mapping out the natural resource governance and technology ecosystem to provide a better understanding of the landscape in which the project is operating.

Assessment: We are implementing a simple assessment framework to benchmark how participating organizations are applying technology in their programmatic work.  Our project partners are conducting long term case studies on selected participants’ programs, which will be made public.

If you are interested in our plans then we invite you to Get Involved!