Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Organisations Participating in 2013 TABridge Mentorship Program

Each organization that matriculates into the TABridge Mentorship Program will be provided with:

  • A mentor dedicated to helping the organization work toward articulated strategic technology goals, within the time and resource constraints of the program;
  • Up to 10 days of mentoring and professional advising with their selected mentor;
  • Regularly scheduled mentoring calls;
  • Opportunities to participate in other TABridge activities;
  • Acknowledgement on the TABridge web site and communications as a participating organisation in the program.

Please note that no hardware, software, hosted services or funds are included as part of this offer.

In order to receive the mentorship benefits described above, the organization agrees to participate in the following ways:

Embrace a Collaborative Approach

  • Co-design goals and a plan to achieve them – Discuss and review objectives with Mentor to ensure these are reasonable, achievable and appropriate for the program.
  • Iterate and stay flexible: Willing to revise and re‐prioritise objectives as necessary as the mentorship unfolds.

Demonstrate Active Participation

  • Time commitment – Spend a minimum of 2 hours per week engaged in the mentorship
  • Communication –  Participate in a weekly call with your Mentor
  • Timely responses – Respond within 24hrs to the Mentors emails unless other arrangements have been made
  • Feedback – give honest feedback to Mentors so they can tailor their support accordingly.

Support Documentation and Knowledge Capture

  • Learning capture – Commit to being part of larger documentation process and will be interacting with our documentarian
  • Learning interaction – Respond to requests for short status updates and feedback; Participate in periodic calls with project documentarian over the course of the mentorship
  • Debrief – Participate in a final debrief at the end of the mentoring program.
  • Blogging – Commit to writing two short blog posts over the course of the project.  The 1st will focus on what you hope to get out of the mentorship.  The 2nd will focus on what you got out of it.
  • Transparency – Be transparent about challenges and “non-successes” as well as successes throughout the course of their mentorships

Commit Engaged Personnel

  • Point of contact – Identify a single point of contact from the organisation, who is empowered to implement decisions and get the work done.
  • Organisation learning – Proactively share learning out with colleagues

Connect with Broader Network

  • Mailing listWe request you join the TABridge mailing list so you can participate in online discussions with others in the TABridge Network
  • Engagement activities – Participate where possible and relevant on TABridge webinars.

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