Bridging Tech & Transparency: The TABridge Sessions

Transparency & Accountability Initiative has opened two windows for learning and partnerships through 2011 and 2012.  These windows are the TABridge Sessions.

Through a collaborative shared learning, each TABridge Session will offer participating T/A groups practical advice and training to help them think strategically about how web and mobile technologies can further their program goals. As well as exhibiting the breadth of tools on offer, the sessions will address how, where, when and why these tools can be successfully applied, and highlight the potential pitfalls as well as the solutions. The goals of the session will also be forming a network of practice aimed at collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The TABridge Sessions also aim to foster better collaboration and dialogue between technology groups and civil society.  Research by the Transparency Policy Project has shown that tech T/A interventions are more likely to succeed when those who create the technology are embedded in local NGO networks and seize opportunities to partner with government. The most successful tech projects are those where technologists understand the motivations and strategies of information users and tailor their efforts to fit these. A key focus of each three-day session will be to give technology groups more familiarity with the goals, substance and challenges facing practitioners in the transparency & accountability field.

The first TABridge Session focused on the natural resource governance sector.   The second TABridge Session in November 2012 will include an added focus on budget transparency.

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