To build bridges of knowledge between transparency & accountability groups and technology experts, we are holding the first of our Bridging Sessions this December in New York City, with more sessions planned for 2012. The questions and input from our first-round participants will create a base of knowledge on practical, well-planned uses of technology.

But we do not have all the answers. We need your input to learn the right questions and help transparency & accountability groups find smart solutions. Please help us start a wider conversation on transparency, accountability and tech. What are your aspirations for your organization? Which tech projects inspire you? Who’s “not getting it” yet and what do they need to know?

The answers aren’t all here. They’re out there with you. Here are some ways we hope you’ll get involved. And please watch this site and follow hashtag #TAbridge to hear what we are learning and add your thoughts.


  • Follow us at @TAInitiative and use hashtag #TAbridge to be part of our community.
  • Send us an email with your own questions and ideas for what your group needs to succeed with new technologies.


  • A small number of Bridging Session participants will be collaborating in short-term mentorships that help advocacy groups pilot new tech approaches and help tech groups learn better ways to team up with transparency & accountability advocates.
  • Follow us on Twitter or here on the web for reports on mentoring projects and possible opportunities to get your group involved as a mentor or as a trainee. The Transparency and Accountability Initiative also provides matchmaking or other support to help create new mentorships.


  • Got a blog post or video about technology and transparency? Please send us a link and we’ll post it here.
  • Want to write about your own project, successful, disappointing or still just a plan? Email us a short request and we may add it to our own blog.

Make sure to watch for updates about our session and discussions from November 30 to December 3, then look for reports on highlights and best ideas from the discussion. We hope you’ll share your ideas and experiences with us, through social media, on your own site, and by contacting us with comments!