Chapter 12


‘Fundamentals for Using Technology in Transparency and Accountability Organisations’ was developed, edited and curated by Dirk Slater, Fabriders for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative. Support and guidance was provided by Vanessa Herringshaw, Miriam McCarthy and Florencia Guerzovich and the rest of the staff of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

Special Thanks to the members of the TA Bridge Community that contributed ideas and gave invaluable feedback, particularly:

  • Janet Haven
  • Marjan Besujen
  • Libby Haight
  • Hapee DeGroot
  • Sean McDonald
  • Mikel Maron
  • Lucy Chambers
  • Tunji Eleso
  • Gabriela Rodriguez
  • Sarah Schacht
  • Allen Gunn (Gunner)
  • Jed Miller
  • Susannah Villa
  • Archon Fung
  • Hollie Russon Gilman

And also to Becky Faith for her help on the Appendix “Integrating Mobiles in your Communication Strategy”.

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