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Thursday 26 February 2015
Event Type: Webinar

Follow the Money Follow-Up: Emerging Collaborations

Time: 700 PT, 1000 ET, 1500 GMT, 1600 CET, 1930 IST, 2200 SGT
  • #Hashtag: #FTMTech

Follow-up to Berlin workshop: Emerging collaborations to “Follow the Money”

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On 20-21 January, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative hosted a workshop on how to better use tech to “Follow the Money” (FTM). Our Berlin event brought together more than 100 activists, journalists, technologists and funders.

While the first practical aim of the workshop was to share learning on where tech can add value and what’s really needed to bring change, our more ambitious aim was to identify concrete areas of potential new work, and to help stimulate the kinds of collaboration that can have real impact.

So is this actually happening? Please join us on 26 February for a live webinar where   Workshop participants will talk about how conversations and connections in Berlin have helped them start new collaborations, generate ideas, implement new projects and shape their future strategies.

This Webinar is free and open to everyone, not just participants in the FTM Workshop. Please join us next Thursday, 26 February, at 1000 ET, 1500 GMT, 1930 IST.

Guest speakers from among our participants are expected to include:

  • Samantha Custer, AidData
  • Giulio Frigieri, Map It Up/The Guardian
  • Adam Kariv, Public Knowledge Workshop
  • Beatrice Martini,
  • Zara Rahman,
  • Lorenzo Segato, RISSC
  • Mushon Zer-Aviv, Public Knowledge Workshop
  • List still in formation

To read a Webinar summary or download the full event archive, go to: