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Tuesday 17 March 2015
Event Type: Webinar

Evaluating Proposals for Technology Funding

Time: 800 PT, 1100 ET, 1500 GMT, 1600 CET, 1930 IST, 2200 SGT
  • #Hashtag: #TABridge

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As digital technology serves an ever-increasing range of roles for civil society, the funders who support these organizations are asked to underwrite a widening range of technology approaches in the proposals they receive. Evaluating such “tech proposals” is made challenging by a host of factors. Proposals rarely provide sufficient clarity on the intended uses of technology. The relationship between technology plans and the strategies they support is often unclear—or missing altogether. Ambitious claims of impact are difficult to verify or to rebut.

Activists groups are not usually technology companies and “techies” rarely understand the unique challenges and adoption barriers extant in the nonprofit sector. The TABridge network was created to help close this gap in communication, by connecting technologists, transparency campaigners and funders. Technology projects—and projects that include technology as an element—present questions of capacity, scalability and sustainability that often go unaddressed in the grantmaking process.

In this webinar, TABridge partner Aspiration will present an initial draft of a “technology proposal review checklist” being developed. The goal of this framework is to provide context and coverage in considering appropriateness, uniqueness and viability of technology-related funding proposals. The framework includes strategic considerations about scope, implementation details, organizational capacity, digital security and data management, and business-related details such as intellectual property assignments.

The framework is a work in progress, and the webinar will provide an opportunity to review work to date, consider feedback and questions, and invite help in making this a more valuable and relevant resource for those who might employ it.

This Webinar is free and open to donors, transparency groups and technologists alike. Please join us next Tuesday, 17 March, at 1100 ET, 1500 GMT, 1930 IST.

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