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Friday - Sunday 26-28 April 2013
Event Type: Event

Circumvention Tech Summit III

Time: All day

OpenITP will be hosting the third Circumvention Tech Summit on April 26-28 in Hong Kong.

As with previous summits, the CTS III will focus on increasing dialogue between circumvention tech developers and providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to create and develop better tools. The event will also:

  • Help developers understand how to best serve the needs of individuals in Asia who face censorship and surveillance as well as increase their access to end-users, testers and other needed resources.
  • Promote collaboration among existing technical projects, eliminate duplicate efforts, and increase inter-project infrastructure.
  • Disseminate open standards and best practices, and
    encourage the principles of a free and open Internet.
  • Contact info: To RSVP, please email "CTS III RSVP" in subject field to wesley [at] openitp [dot] org